Additional Services

Financial Assistance Program

Trans Law Help Wisconsin offers financial assistance for individuals who cannot afford a part of the name and gender change process. For example, if an individual is pursuing a name change through the courts, they will need to pay a publication fee to publish their name change hearing as part of the process. We are able to help subsidize or cover the cost of the fee, or any other cost that an individual may not be able to afford as they change their name and gender marker on their identity documents. We can either provide a cashier’s check payable directly to the entity requiring the fee, or we can offer reimbursement for the fee. To request assistance, please contact us.

We Will Go With You

Trans Law Help Wisconsin offers support for individuals who would like someone to accompany them to their name and/or gender change hearing. Volunteers are available to individuals who would feel more comfortable having someone with them as emotional support. While this volunteer will not be representing the individual in court, they will be a safe and encouraging presence during the individual’s name and/or gender change hearing.