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Trans Law Help Wisconsin

About Trans Law Help Wisconsin

Trans Law Help Wisconsin, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing legal information and resources to transgender and nonbinary individuals across the state of Wisconsin and beyond. We created and maintain the Wisconsin Name & Gender Marker Change Guide and host quarterly name and gender marker change clinics to provide information about changing one’s name and/or gender marker on a variety of state and federal identity documents.


Founded by then-law student and now lawyer, Abby C., Trans Law Help Wisconsin, Inc. is now run by a volunteer Board of Directors and staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers.


Wisconsin Name and Gender Marker Change Guide

We first published our Wisconsin Name & Gender Marker Change Guide in 2020, and issued a comprehensive update in 2022. That redesigned Guide  includes a new section on name changes for those under 14, updates to reflect evolving law & policy, and is reorganized and simplified for clarity.


This area of the law is DYNAMIC and we regret that we cannot update our Guide in real time. Our quarterly clinics provide updated information (and note if and when that information differs from the latest Guide).


Our next update will be out by Fall of 2024.


Until then, please note the following:



Upcoming Clinics


We can help you find community, healthcare, and legal services.

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Contact Trans Law Help Wisconsin

Starting May 15, 2022, we are unable to respond to individual requests for information due to capacity limitations.

If you are looking for information on pursuing a name and/or gender marker in Wisconsin, please consult our Name and Gender Marker Change Guide, available here. If you have further questions, visit our clinics page to see if we are hosting a clinic soon. If you have questions about name and gender marker changes outside of Wisconsin, please consult the National Center for Transgender Equality’s ID Documents Center, here.

If you have questions specific to your individual situation, you may need to hire an attorney. We are building a referral network of trans-inclusive attorneys. Watch our website and social media for information about its launch. In the meantime, the State Bar of Wisconsin operates a referral service. You can make a lawyer referral request online here, or you can call (800) 362-9082. General information is available here.

If you are emailing about our financial assistance program, please note that we have suspended the program until further notice. We suggest all individuals seeking a name and/or gender marker change who need financial assistance to request a fee waiver from the court (Form CV-410A, available here). Please note that the fee waiver applies only to court costs and does not include newspaper publication or other fees.

If you are emailing for help finding court forms, please visit this page for links to common forms. If the form you need is not linked there, you should visit the website of the government agency that issues the form.

If you need assistance connecting with other resources, visit the resources page on our website, here.

Do you have time and skills to help support our work? We are always welcoming new volunteers for a variety of tasks like assistance with clinics, updating resources, outreach through local events, and social media and website communication. Volunteer with us one-time or ongoing! Use our contact form and let us know you are interested in learning more about volunteering with us.

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